I miss my blog. (I think.)

When I announced my new website to FB (which I updated last week after like 15 years), some folks mentioned they used to read my blog on that site. I was surprised; I thought the only people who read it were the people who commented, which were few and far between.  I stopped blogging when I started writing for TV, around when micro-blogging (ie: twitter) took over. I got into that like everyone else, for a hot sec. But until the other day, I didn’t realize how much I missed just posting thoughts without expectation of reply. Without feeling like I let people down if they didn’t “like” my posts. Without feeling like I’m being swept away by a river of smarter funnier more insightful people.

I don’t really want to blog, though. I do long for a place to talk casually about dumb shit without anyone feeling the need to participate. Maybe that’s here…?