Everything You Touch.

Allegra Rose Edwards and Miriam Silverman in “Everything You Touch” at the Cherry Lane Theatre with Boston Court Pasadena. (Joan Marcus)


“No matter the topic at hand, Ms. Callaghan’s writing, whether in plays like ‘Roadkill Confidential’ and ‘That Pretty Pretty,’ or the cable series ‘Shameless’ and ‘The United States of Tara,’ is florid and highly flammable…. Themes and fixations crash together like vehicles in a multicar pileup.” -New York Times

“The wildest runway show in town won’t be at Lincoln Center…” -New York Daily News

“Sheila Callaghan’s dream-logic plays teem with blissed-out monologues and random acts of intensity… There’s galvanizing anger here, a contagious nausea about women’s self-hatred… thrillingly sour…” -Time Out New York

“They paint with broad and colorful strokes in Callaghan’s new fantastical play….each eye-catching contour proves to be much more than simple decoration, driving decisively toward the play’s bold dissection of beauty, self-worth, and human connection.” -TheatreMania

“Stunning production! [Callaghan’s writing] is as sharp… and bristling with ideas as ever… It’s both funny and disturbing, theatrically original and almost pornographically objectifying.” -NY Theatre Now

“A fashion show for the industry that is as stunning as it is surreal gets this play off to an extremely funny start.” -Curtain-Up

“Does [Everything You Touch] ever have style to spare…style matters, and in the physical production as well as the dialogue, it’s all fluffed up to perfection.” -Talkin’ Off Broadway

Everything You Touch contains an interesting plot, an affecting denouement, and very accomplished technical and theatrical elements.” -Theatre Scene

“Sheila Callaghan’s Everything You Touch is a fascinating, surreal look at the fashion industry… Sheila Callaghan is a true visionary, that rare non-realistic playwright who manages to make it all cohere.” -On the Aisle with Larry

“…the boldness of the play… comments on illusion and facades, while displaying a viciously delicious visual self-awareness…” -Stage Buddy

“I always welcome a truly fresh and talented voice in the theater — they are all too rare, but Sheila Callaghan definitely is one… Callaghan nails the now mythic hedonistic but toxic fashion world of the 1970s with uncanny accuracy… Callaghan excels in her rich expressive dialogue.” -Gay City News

Everything You Touch is a time warp and space warp marathon, pushing and pulling at the audience as it takes audience members on a roller-coaster ride through events in real time, through events in the past, and ultimately to that place where all events initiate and resolve: the human mind…. [Callaghan’s] play is at the same time complex and compelling and worth every bit of the effort it takes to connect with the enduring questions it addresses… the play will leave the audience members engaged in the lives of Ms. Callaghan’s characters for some time after the performance.”-Theatre Reviews Limited

“You may have seen your share of makeovers, but nothing like the one Sheila Callaghan inflicts on her heroine in Everything You Touch, her lushly written dark comedy world-premiering at Boston Court Performing Arts Center.” -Los Angeles Times (Critic’s Pick)

“…[Sheila Callaghan’s] new Everything You Touch may be the breakthrough work Callaghan’s admirers have been waiting for: A brash, even commercial, elaboration of her universal themes in their most complex and daredevil manifestations yet…this thought-provoking play takes its themes of thwarted intimacies to exciting, dramatically vivid, places to impart fresh discernment to the alienation playing within and without us all.” -Hollywood Reporter

“…the jokes remain snappy and the satire sharp throughout, with sly, imaginative design elements…” LA Weekly (GO!)

“…Seldom does anything make such a spirited and elaborate point while telling a story so simple at its core. Callaghan is the theatrical poet laureate of her generation, and we are lucky to be around as she continues to make clear what a mess our species has become with such delicate grace camouflaged by her wicked, unpredictable, wonderfully dark humor.” -Arts in LA

“Exciting playwright Sheila Callaghan (Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake), Lascivious Something) will send her protagonist on a mind-bending, time-traveling, post-modern journey in Everything You Touch.” -Stage and Cinema

Everything You Touch presents incisive dialogue and passages of brilliance…” -Arts Beat LA

“…There’s no L.A. theater quite like The Theatre @ Boston Court for challenging audiences with plays that can, when things go as right as they do in Sheila Callaghan’s initially mystifying Everything You Touch, both stimulate the brain cells and touch the heart.” -Stage Scene LA

Everything You Touch delivers that remarkable combination of satisfaction and conversation starter that makes for one kind of excellent theater.” -The Stage Struck Review

“…Callaghan’s ability to address real human concerns through the superficial landscape of high fashion is indicative that she has a strong command of her craft.” -Life in LA

“Perhaps, when they (whoever “they” are) look back in 50 years, today’s playwriting will make sense, and playwrights like Sarah Ruhl and Sheila Callaghan will be lauded as the Tennessee Williams and Arthur Millers of their era, and I’ll be just another example of a critic who didn’t recognize that these women are ahead of their time.” -Neon Tommy