Theatre with no theater.

About 150 years ago back in May, I sent out a strange email blast with two theatre pals, Meg Miroshnik and Kelly Miller (who founded the feminist advocacy group the Kilroys with myself and ten other theater artists). The email was formatted weird because Meg’s keyboard was messed up, and there was a link to a strange internet page which lead to another strange internet page which lead to ANOTHER page with a request for artwork, promising that if we received more than 100 pieces we would make a book.


We got more than that.

So we made a book. 

New book.

It’s brimming with beautiful pieces made by people you know or wish you knew. Or will get to know by seeing what they made. Go take a look:  

We’re dropping it the day before the election because we’ve been clenching our teeth for about five weeks straight, and this book has helped remind us we can still make & share art through our pain and discomfort.

Maybe you could use that kind of relief right now?

Or maybe you just want a distraction from the chaos.

Or, perhaps you’re in the mood to witness the bravery of folks finding expression for things that are inexpressible…

Unless you already have plenty of books with artwork by theater people. In that case, maybe you should buy one for your friend who doesn’t have any?

Or maybe you want a book but can’t fork over the dough. Well then, ask your extravagant chum to purchase one for you.

And if you happen to be an extravagant chum, buy ten books and give nine away.

Just FYI, the proceeds will go towards a small relief fund for theater artists: So there’s that.

And hey, if you know someone in the field who could use the cash, send them that link. And if you’re that someone, fill out the form. If not, see above re: extravagant chums.

The $$ will be available to folks for as long as we can keep this up.


That’s all for now.

Please be well.

We’ll get through this.

With love and gratitude,