Corporate greed made me do it.

And by “it” I mean, dive naked head-first into an Olympic-sized pool of razor blades. Which is how it feels to be dealing with the logistical, financial, and emotional fallout of the colossal WGA work shut-down. In case you’re curious.

Week three.

In addition to having one’s career be snuffed out overnight for the foreseeable future AGAIN (ok, 2020 theater), nothing could have prepared me for the physical labor of pacing non-stop for four hours daily while battling near constant coastal winds with a giant poster board. Not to mention the writerly shame of failing to invent a witty sign slogan.

Unshockingly, we’re not the only labor organization willing to risk everything for better working conditions and fair pay. People are tired of feeling broken and used. And yes, the process of resisting harmful structures is grueling and time consuming and terrifying. But in my experience, unified action CAN AND WILL create change.

And of course, we could use help. Allyship works. I did math to prove it:

• one voice = sound

• two voices = harmony

• three voices = noise

• 100 voices = thunder

I realize I sound like a Facebook post about climate change or a Gofundme page for a no-kill shelter. But I’m too goddamn tired to make it sexy. I have ideas. You could donate bulk snacks to the picket lines. Or give $$ to the WGA relief fund. Or walk with your striking friends at a designated picket site. Or post solidarity messages on social media. Or (big one) re-consider your relationship to the subscription services you patronize. Even the tiniest gesture could be the morale boost that gets us all through the long summer ahead. ‘Cause bro, we’re gonna need it.

With gratitude and determination,

PS: If you literally have no idea what I’m talking about, start here.