I have a lot of these.

Some options:

    • If you want a starter pack, go grab my anthology at Amazon.
    • If you want my most recently published play, it’s based on an internet meme and you can buy it here.
    • If you wanna read an excerpt from a brand new unproduced play in a genre about which I feel ambivalent, go here.
    • If you wanna look at a play I just re-wrote from top-to-bottom, go here (it’s a legit rom-com).
    • If you wanna check out a recent play that’s hard to produce because the lead is a chick who needs to shred on guitar, go here (caution: slutty).
    • Or maybe you’d like to see some production pix… how ’bout a gallery?

Or, if you wanna just go through them all one by one, see below. Each link has a photo, an excerpt, publication info, and press quotes.

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.