Are you free?

To talk? For like a second?

The strike is over, HEEEYYY, it’s over and it was very hard and progress was made and I think it’s finally sinking in that it is really and truly over. But while it wasn’t, I made some fitness content to help people stay healthy on the picket line and to keep myself sane and occupied. The vids can be used in a non-picketing capacity too, if you want. And no, I’m not monetized. I like giving out free shit. Also I have a ton of niche knowledge from my side gig and nowhere to dump it.

In other news… I spent the afternoon updating the Tripwire website (different side gig). In the middle of trying to untangle some tricky code I got clobbered by a cannonball of gratitude. Like, how lucky I am to be in the same field as the people who made those books with me? Not to be a dork, but theater is fucking cool. It’s intense and nerdy and awkward and psychotic and a little evil and I love it.

And if you make theater, you’re evil too and I love you and thank you for not stopping, ever.