Kate Crackernuts.

Alex Dawson and Kevin Dedes in “Kate Crackernuts” at The Flea Theatre. (Gary Winter)


“There’s a wild terrain of words in this playwright’s head… fantastical… a primal psychological crucible…” -The Village Voice

“Callaghan’s wordplay is evocative and apt…” -TimeOut NY

“An off-beat adaptation… eclectic but well-constructed, inventive… energetic, fun, and funny!” -Offoffonline

“Strange, dense, brilliant wordplay… part poetry slam, part rave, part dog-eared storybook theater, and all edgy, infectious, ultra-theatrical entertainment. Kate Crackernuts is an adult fairy tale that, like its tough but vulnerable heroine, follows a warped dream logic while keeping its sharp-tongued wits about it.” -Los Angeles Times (Critic’s Pick)

“A new mythology for the 21st century… it’s a great ride.” -Backstage West (Critic’s Pick)

“The tone is not intended to sound poetic, but to break the audience free from mundane reality and evoke the faraway dreaminess of myth.” -The Arizona Republic

“[Sheila Callaghan’s] flair for writing modern poetic prose cannot be topped. It is the most striking language I have heard on a stage in a long while.” -theatermaven.com

“A pulsing dreamscape where fairy tale meets rave… Breathtaking, ingenious innovation.” -The Trojan Horse

“Watching it is rather like viewing a Pablo Picasso exhibit – full of color, angles, movement, musicians – and if you must ask what this actually means, you’ve missed the show.” -The Herald Times

“Wild, quirky, funny tale of quest and conquest… Kate Crackernuts is funny, it’s also a little risque, and a bit touching.” -WFIU Indiana